Price Table


Pax (up to)

Prices per Villa per night

Season A Season B Season C
A1 2 120 150 180
A2 4 170 200 230
V1 4 190 240 280
V2 6 250 300 350
V3 8 300 335 400

Prices in Euros (taxes included)

Pax: children    3 years old are included          

Season Specification:

Season C:

           from 1st to 31st August 

           from 20th December to 4th January (Christmas and New Year's Eve)

Season B:

          from 1st to 31st  July

          from 24th  March to 7th April (Easter)

Season A:

           All periods not included in seasons B and C.

Herdade de Montalvo reserves the right to change the content of this table without previous notice.